As Associate Professor and Data Librarian at Montana State University, I help shape practices and theories for curation, publication, and preservation of data. I build tools that solve problems related to data management and data discovery. I am also interested in ethics and justice as they relate to data and our data-driven world.

I majored in Literature with a focus in creative writing in at Bard College, and writing and conversation have always been key for me as I process ideas and arrive at new insights. My Senior Project was a collection of poems using my horoscope, the weather report, and front-page news articles as source material. As I wrote in the project’s’ introduction, the poems illustrate “the way that information itself—and the format used to relate this information to the public—becomes its own sort of poetics.” That was my first clue that I would become a librarian, and I continue to be interested in the impact of information and data on our society. My masters in information science from University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill focused in archives and records management, and I found my way into data librarianship through my first job as Senior Curator at Dryad Digital Repository.

In my twenties, I guided sea kayaking expeditions in Alaska and the U.S. Virgin Islands, and I still love being outside—bike commuting, backpacking, camping, and cross-country skiing. Throughout my adult life I have taken ballet and modern dance classes, and this year I’m collaborating with a friend to choreograph a piece in a local dance showcase. I also love listening to and playing music—I play piano and guitar, but it’s when singing karaoke that my inner pop star truly shines!

I am an enthusiastic extrovert and a believer in the power of community, so spending time with friends and loved ones is one of my biggest sources of joy. I live with librarian Scott Young in downtown Bozeman.