Sara Mannheimer

Montana State University    P.O. Box 173320 Bozeman, MT     59717    406-994-3361    @saramannheimer



MS in Information Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2013
Thesis — Providing context to web collections: a survey of Archive-It users

BA in Literature, Bard College, 2003



Assistant Professor, Data Management Librarian
Montana State University, 2014-present

Dryad Repository, 2013-2014

Archival Processor
Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2011-2013



Baucom E, Troup T, Cote C, Mannheimer S (in press) Building strategic alliances to support advocacy and planning for digital preservation. Journal of Digital Media Management.

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[Open access version via MSU ScholarWorks]

Mannheimer S, Hull, EA (2017) Sharing selves: developing an ethical framework for curating social media data. Proceedings of the International Digital Curation Conference, Edinburgh, February 20-23.
[Preprint via MSU ScholarWorks]

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[Open access version via MSU ScholarWorks]

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[Open access version via MSU ScholarWorks]



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Library data: ethics and privacy considerations. Part of the panel “Collecting library data: policies and data management procedures for improvement,” with Abigail Goben, Kristin Briney, and Jenica Rogers. ALA Annual, Chicago, June 2017.

Big data for all: toward ethical big data sharing. Co-authored with Elizabeth Hull. Research Data Access and Preservation Summit, Seattle, April 2017.

Digital preservation partnerships: extending resources and expanding knowledge through collaboration. Co-presented with Tammy Troup. Co-authored with Tammy Troup and Conor Cote. Digital Library Federation Forum, Milwaukee, November 2016.

The man in the machine: digital labor ethics for academic research. Co-presented and co-authored with Scott W. H. Young. Digital Library Federation Forum, Milwaukee, November 2016.

Putting the “I” in data: the ethics of using human-generated data as a research tool. Conference abstract and slides. Co-authored with Scott W. H. Young and Doralyn Rossmann. SciDataCon, Denver, September 2016.

Working across cultures: data librarian as knowledge broker. Research Data Access and Preservation Summit, Atlanta, May 2016.

Dataset optimization for institutional repositories. Co-authored with Leila Belle Sterman and Susan Borda. Digital Library Federation Forum, Vancouver, October 2015.

“This is just for me:” researchers on their data documentation practices. Part of the panel “Beyond metadata: supporting non-standardized documentation to facilitate data reuse,” with Lizzy Rolando, Sarah Pickle, and Kristin Briney. Research Data Access and Preservation Summit, Minneapolis, April 2015.

Open data in education: how to harness the power of open resources. Co-authored and co-presented with Leila Belle Sterman. Montana Library Association Conference, Bozeman, April 2015.

Using sentiment analysis of Twitter to develop strategies for library data sharing partnerships. Co-authored and co-presented with Scott W. H. Young. Coalition for Networked Information Fall Membership Meeting, Washington, D.C., December 2014.

#Win or #Fail: measuring researcher attitudes toward open data using sentiment analysis of Twitter. Co-authored with Scott W. H. Young and James Espeland. Digital Library Federation Forum, Atlanta, October 2014.

It’s a real world: developing preservation policy for Dryad. Co-presented with Ayoung Yoon. Co-authored with Ayoung Yoon, Elena Feinstein, Jane Greenberg, and Ryan Scherle. Research Data Access and Preservation Summit, San Diego, March 2014.



Sharing in a gray area: a framework for big data curation. Co-presented and co-authored with Elizabeth Hull. National Data Integrity Conference, Fort Collins, October 2017.

Managing and publishing agricultural data at Montana State University. Rangelands Partnership Annual Meeting, Logan, UT (remote participation), May 2017.

Exploring ethics in data and technology research. Co-presented and co-authored with Jason A. Clark, Justin D. Shanks, and Scott W. H. Young. Montana State University Computer Science Seminar Series, Bozeman, February 2016.

How open access enriches education & supports global information equity.
Co-authored and co-presented with Leila Belle Sterman. Montana State University International Education Week, Bozeman, November 2015.

The research data census: assessing data services at Montana State University. CLIR/DLF E-Research Network (online session), October 2015.

Data mining and data making: library digital services and applied research.
Co-authored and co-presented with Jason A. Clark and Scott W. H. Young. Institute on Ecosystems Rough Cut Science, Bozeman, January 2015.



Mannheimer S, Clark JA (21 May 2015) Using data dictionary creation as the teaching moment for metadataCLIR Re: Thinking.

MSU News Service (28 September 2015) Montana State University sharing research insights with the world.



Planning for success: the impact of data management plans on grant awards and grant-funded research (May 2017-September 2018) Principal investigator. $9,500. Funded by National Network of Libraries of Medicine Pacific Northwest Region.

Radian data education & advocacy community (April 2016-April 2017) Principal investigator, with co-principal investigators Ryer Banta and Scott W. H. Young. $1,500. Funded by Force11.

Twitter sentiment analysis for research data services (June 2015 – December 2015) Co-Principal Investigator with Scott W. H. Young. $4,480. Funded by Montana State University, Faculty Excellence Grant.



LSCI 121: Library research skills, Spring 2017

HONR 494: Information Ethics and Privacy in the Age of Big Data, Spring 2018



National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Pacific Northwest Region professional development award to attend ALA Annual, Chicago, IL, June 2017.

Invited participant for the NSF-funded workshop Qualitative Research Ethics in the Era of Big Data, Washington, DC, December 2016

OpenCon acceptance and registration scholarship, November 2016

Leadership MSU, Class of 2015

Margaret Ellen Kalp Memorial Fellowship (2012-2013), UNC-Chapel Hill

NSF Travel Grant, Web Archiving Cooperative Summer Workshop. Palo Alto, CA, June 2012



Reviewer, OpenCon Application Review Team, 2017
RDA/NISO Privacy Implications of Research Data Sets Interest Group, 2016-present
Planning Committee Member, Research Data Access and Preservation (RDAP), 2015, 2016, and 2017
Reviewer, Journal of eScience Librarianship, 2016
Faculty Member, CLIR/DLF E-Research Network, 2016 and 2017
Social Media Manager, RDAP Twitter and RDAP Facebook, 2015 and 2016
OCLC Data Curation Funding Working Group, 2014-2016
Planning Committee Member and Panel Proposal Judge, ASIS&T SIG-DL Student Research Forum, 2014



Montana Digital Preservation Working Group, 2015-present



In-Depth Reviewer, Year-Seven Self-Study, 2017
Archival Data Storage Request for Proposals Review Committee, 2017
Planning Council, 2014-present
HELPS Lab Advisory Board, 2015-present
Montana State University Bicycle Task Force, 2015-present
Montana State University Research Network, 2015-present
Art + Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon (co-organizer with Melissa Ragain), March 2016
University Facilities Planning Board, 2015

Center for Research Competitiveness Visioning Committee, 2014



Digital Scholarship Group (chair), 2017-present
Digital Preservation Group (chair), 2017-present
Diversity & Inclusion Group, 2017-present
Scholarly Communication Group, 2014-present

Data Interest Group (formerly Data Management Task Force) (chair), 2014-2017
Data Services Group (chair), 2014-2017
Search Committee: Library Instructional Services Program Leader, 2016-2017
Open Access Week (co-organizer with Leila Sterman), October 2014 and October 2015
ScholarWorks Twitter Manager, 2014-2015
Activities and Events Committee, 2014-2015
Search Committee: Undergraduate Experience Librarian, 2014



UseR Meetup Group, 2016-present